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RPM packages for IMSpector

January 23rd, 2009 No comments

Frederic Descamps emailed me to say he has made some RPM packages for IMSpector 0.8. You can get them here:

Cheers lefred!

IMSpector progress update

January 21st, 2009 No comments

As anyone who has been to this site before will notice, IMSpector is now running on a CMS/blogging system called WordPress.  Hopefully it will make updating the site with news and general IMSpector goings on much easier!  The current theme is a temporary one; it needs the cool IMSpector logo adding at least.

A few bits of recent IMSpector work that will find its way into IMSpector 0.9 when its released:

  • MSN 2009 is now supported. A couple of annoying changes to the protocol were fairly easily worked around.  Cheers to Stig Arne Ims-Hollund for helping me test and get it working “blind”.
  • IMSpector can now hide the message text in the log file(s).  This could be useful when you only want to see who is using IM, but are not wanting to record the actual text of the message. It is still possible to censor conversations in this mode.  This is done with the hide_eventdata=on config option.