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Added support for Yahoo via Web

April 19th, 2009 No comments

The next version of IMSpector will include support for Yahoo’s new Flash-based IM “client”.  The client speaks a varient on the normal Yahoo IM protocol, on the same port (5050).  The logical thing to do was to modify the existing protocol handler so it understands them both, and this is what I’ve done.  Message injection seems to work as well, though nothing is very heavily tested so far.

I have no idea why the Yahoo Flash client dosn’t speak the normal protocol.  It is anoying when IM providers do not act logically.  Even stranger, the protocol is a weird hybrid of XML and the old tag/marker/value/marker system used by the old protocol.  I also found out that the flash client will fall back to port 80 if 5050 is blocked.  Yet more trouble for firewall admins!

Thanks to Steve Baker for pointing out that IMSpector did not support this protocol.