General options

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This option sets the listening port, and is the port that a redirect rule should point outgoing connetion requests too. 16667 is the default port, for historical reasons (IMSpector started out as an IRC-only proxy).


If present, then IMSpector will listen for HTTP proxy requests on this port. Note that IMSpector only understands the HTTP CONNECT method (used for SSL proxying, but also by IM clients). IMSpector is not a real HTTP proxy.

Presently no authentication or client IP checks are preformed. Anyone who can connect to this port can make use of it to connect to any remote port that is underestood by IMSpector. You may wish to make use of the listenaddr directive to restict access, eg to localhost.


Sets the IP address to listen on. This can be used, for example, to limit access to localhost (


Sets the directory that IMSpector will look in for its various plugins. /usr/lib/imspector is the default.


If set, IMSpector will setuid and setgid to this named user and group. By default, IMSpector will continue running as whatever user it was started by, including root (which is not recommended).


Sets the PID filename. The PID file is created before optionally dropping privs.

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